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Unleash your inner joy

is a 12-week program for dedicated, compassionate people who want to live life sparkling with intention, meaning and do so with a smile on their faces!

It’s 12 weeks of emotional, psychological, and spiritual detoxing, personal growth, and coaching so you can free yourself from barriers that stand between you and your intuitive path.

where you've been

You have been motivated by logic and linear thinking most of your life.

It has served you well. You have created an identity and built a reputation at the back of it.

You are viewed as competent, trusted, and valued by your peers.

AND you know that you have been hiding parts of who you are out of fear of being judged and ridiculed.

This no longer feels OK.

what's going on for you

The energy is shifting. You are still the excellent person, but this is no longer enough.

You no longer feel connected. You may even feel that your body has “abandon” you, that is doesn’t do what you want it to do.

You are tired feeling unappreciated, unworthy and unloved. Tired of holding yourself back from being yourself, and to do what makes you happy.

This desire has become bigger and louder, reminding you of the gifts you have kept hidden for a long time. And what an beautiful person you actually are.

where you've been

You want to thrive instead of merely surviving and pleasing others. You want to be true to your values and express your truth, be true to you.

You want to embrace your gifts, have your bigger picture, and let your uniqueness shine.

You feel drawn to explore, identify and develop what joy means to you.

What living and joyfulness simultaneously in alignment with who you really are looks like for you.

You want joy take the lead.

You want to be YOU.




The Pillars For Unleashing Joy Framework is the big-picture process that all of my coaching and content fits within.

The framework includes three fundamental pillars:

Pillar 1:


This pillar is about bringing awareness to all the barriers that are holding you back from your inner joy. Barriers such as self-doubt, feeling unworthy, shame, quilt etc. Raising your consciousness sets you up with the understanding you need to navigate your life and the world with increased clarity.

Pillar 2:


This pillar is about adopting forms of care that support and nourish your joy, such as making time for pleasure, eating intuitively, but also treating your body with respect. Integrating care helps you learn how to meet your body’s needs in a sustainable way.

Pillar 3:

This pillar is about bravely acting in alignment with your JoyValues, even in the face of fear and discomfort. Embodying courage creates space for you to embrace vulnerability, set (better) boundaries, live more authentically, and help to change the world.

By integrating these three pillars in your life, you’ll be able to follow your intuitive path with increased ease, confidence

main details

What you should know:

Program Duration
Each “Unleash Inner Joy” cycle takes 12 weeks.

New cycles start weekly on Wednesdays or Thursdays with a 2 hour live (recorded*) training session, including guided meditations.
*You’ll get a copy of recorded sessions so you can watch videos back at your own pace and time.

Every two weeks on Wednesday or Thursday, we’ll have a 2 hour live (recorded) training session, including guided meditation.

– Workbook (as digital and interactive PDF for download)
– Every week, exclusive bonus podcast material (meditations and exercises)
– Access to the exclusive Mastermind Facebook group (exchange with the community)

This unique program is 2.995 €, including VAT.

Payment installments or other arrangements are possible. Your registration – please with complete address – is binding.

Til soon and Be Joyfulness!"

I can't wait to see you remember who and what you are und unleash your inner joy so you can Rise and Shine your light into the world.