The body…. the ultimate symbol of who we are, our identity, and the proof of our existence. How many times we’ve heard athletes say after an injury “that the body decided to stop working” So it is safe to assume that the body is thé single most important thing that we have.

Daily we do nearly everything for it (even killing if necessary). Logic because who wants to look bad, worn out, or worse: weak? So we seek our refuge in fillers, pills, and what more to make it look as good as possible. After all, “Our Body Is Our Temple,” right?

But what if it isn’t? What if our body is not that important and just a means or an expression (of love)? It is not our body that matters and calling the shots. We matter and we call the shots, not the other way around!

In today’s episode, I explain how our body is a temple that needs caring. Just not the paint on the wall. More because of all the treasures she keeps safe in store for us. Today’s episode might be the start to have a change of thoughts about HOW to treat your temple and what this means for your joyfulness and life.

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