the JoyValues

Let's do something great,

Let's do something crazy,

Let's Be Unique

Let's Be Yourself

Let's Unleash Joy

Everything I do with my clients and students is based on a powerful remembering and understanding of two things. The 3rd Endowment, joy, and the JoyValues.
Joy is the gift from Heaven, our JoyValues help to unwrap and take full advantage of this beautiful gift.

It is all about


and the JoyValues

The JoyValues

So what are JoyValues?

Inner GPS Device

Luckily we are all blessed with an internal compass. That is constantly tracking which direction we face and always keeping track of changes we make or directions we take. Our brain uses this compass to guide the way.

uniqueness Key

Although we are all One, being recognized as an individual is just as important. JoyValues make sure we stand out in the crowd. Not from a selfish point, but from of our (special) uniqueness point because we have something to share and teach.

universal energy

Following your joy, expressing your uniqueness, and doing what you love requires energy. JoyValues taps into that limitless universal energy, both mental and physical.

Purpose beacon

It is not a question íf we have a purpose, but more of whát. JoyValues are at least a metaphysical phenomenon, and, at best, a spiritual phenomenon. Either way, they always answer to our soul and guide us towards our purpose.

spiritual give away

Thanks to our human birthright, JoyValues are our profound guiding principles of life and are (very!) personal. We are born with them, and they stay with us for the rest of our lives. They are the motivation for our best experiences and form the foundation for the outlet of our talent(s). It's our lasting contribution to the world and personal happiness.

The JoyValues



The three pillars for following our Inner Joy are the big-picture process that all of my coaching, teaching, and content fits within.

The framework includes three fundamental pillars:

Pillar 1:


This pillar is about bringing awareness to all the barriers that are holding you back from your inner joy. Barriers such as self-doubt, feeling unworthy, shame, quilt etc. Raising your consciousness sets you up with the understanding you need to navigate your life and the world with increased clarity.

Pillar 2:


This pillar is about adopting forms of care that support and nourish your joy, such as making time for pleasure, eating intuitively, but also treating your body with respect. Integrating care helps you learn how to meet your body’s needs in a sustainable way.

Pillar 3:

This pillar is about bravely acting in alignment with your JoyValues, even in the face of fear and discomfort. Embodying courage creates space for you to embrace vulnerability, set (better) boundaries, live more authentically, and help to change the world.

By integrating these three pillars in your life, you’ll be able to follow your intuitive path with increased ease, confidence