Decades of research on joy, or better said, how to get it, are boiled up into a few things. One of those things is gratitude. Only recently we start to understand that joy isn’t only something we can experience but is what we are. And yet, one way or the other, joy is something (if not the thing) that is easily taken for granted. Does that mean we take ourselves that for granted, that we simply have forgotten how to live joy, or is it something that doesn’t come naturally?

The problem is that our negative experiences in life, like disappointments, regrets, and fear, sometimes occupy our attention more than the positive experiences. And it’s known that where attention flows – grows. So to make sure our attention shifts from the negative to the positive, we need to develop an outlook, attitude that recognize the good things automatically. Gratitude is known as one of the best and fastest ways to live in joy again.

Today I’ll talk about:


The origin of the savoring walk

The inspiring book Born To Run, by Christopher McDougall

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