About Joy

Joy is not just a mere feeling, a fluke of happiness, or an impulse of what-could-be only to slip away like sand through our fingers.

After love and creativity, Joy is the 3rd endowment we received when Life created us. Joy directs our deep-rooted inner human power that makes us desire to express life and self-fulfillment. To make us respond and express love and creativity in complete faith.
Sadly, joy is also a gift we take so much for granted but which is often so absent.

No matter how beautiful it is put, going on a self-discovery journey requires courage and tenacity, period!

Remembering who you are and claiming your human birthright can be daunting, sometimes frightening. Anyone can imagine how intense and profound the impact is when you see yourself not only as someone who matters. But as someone the world truly needs!

Without exaggeration, it’s a game-changer.

Now, following your inner intuitive Joy doesn’t only bridge the gap between your happiness and why you are here. It also makes it easier and very fun to do!

and Your JoyValues
Help You With That!

the JoyValues?

There is a simple but powerful understanding of creating experiences that make profound, impactful change.

And it doesn’t require any heavy lifting, willpower, or rigorous daily practice. It is a shift so light and easy that it feels almost effortless.

It’s a concept I share in all my programs that helps you to ‘be much more present’ and gives you a powerful sense of clarity and calm, so you can let go of the barriers that have held you back for years, even decades. And if you are here to seek help to (finally) live that life you have always wanted to live, I can help you. All my programs are personalized to your unique situation.

I teach you how to be less afraid of the experiences in the world, how to move forward in your life with a massive smile on your face. To look beyond the limits of your thinking at that moment and to tap into a much more superb creative potential than you ever realized you had.

Switch on Joy with the

four principles

The work I do with my clients and students is based on a powerful understanding of four spiritual principles that underpin how our human experience of life is created. These principles are fundamental universal constants that shape the reality for every one of us, without exception. Regardless of who we are or where we come from, our (human) experience is created exactly the same way.

Joy guides us. Making sure we benefit fully from the advantages of these principles.


Mind Is All. It is the formless intelligence behind all life and the energy of all things. It powers our thoughts, beating hearts, moon, sun, universe, and everything in between. 

Mind is the infinite space from which our thought and consciousness, our very existence, comes. It’s the source of creation and Life itself that religions speak of and has many names in many cultures.

Universal Mind is ever-present, ever constant, and unchangeable. It ensures that life continues, winter follows autumn, and night follows day. By comparison, our own mind is constantly changing and busy when we manage to slow down the chatter of our minds that moments of seemingly divine inspiration or intuition occur.

This connection to more profound wisdom comes from the Universal Mind, to which we’re all connected. This is how true transformational change occurs through moments of profound insight and realization.



Thought is the ultimate creative power. It enables us to take the pure creative energy of the Universal Mind and transform it into ideas, images, and feelings. Thought is how we create our own and personal experience of reality. 

Our (way of) thinking is like our personal mind and consciousness perception; it’s an ever-changing, transient process. But the Principle of Thoughts is something much bigger than the stream of thoughts constantly passing through our minds. 

Every feeling we experience comes thru a thought we have or had. We think something, which in turn makes us feel something. And every time our thought changes, our feeling changes accordingly. Hence the way we experience life always comes from within, created from our (own) minds.

It is said, “Want to change your life? Change your thoughts.”


Feeling is our awareness of life. It allows us to see what reality we want and how to interpret our experience, whether it is good or bad, helpful or unhelpful. It gives us our innate desire to express ourselves and experience life as a conscious, self-fulfilling being.

Feeling is the ray of light that enables us to realize all this. Without feeling, we would not be able to give direction to our thinking and, therefore, our reality. It would just be a stream of incomprehensible thoughts going unnoticed through our minds.

Although our personal sense of reality may change, rise, and fall with our thoughts and moods – as a spiritual principle, feeling is a constant awareness, pure, unshakable, and unaffected by wherever we see ourselves at any given time.


Belief is not just an activity of consciousness, a way of thinking; beliefs decide what is going to happen to oneself! We can think whatever we think, we can feel whatever feel. It is the belief that makes it work, come true, reality or not. 

Belief is a mighty power. It sets Karma, Luck, or The Law of Cause and Effect in motion. It is the first step toward both faith and change. Every feeling we experience comes from a thought we have had, but started with a belief. Every time a belief changes, our feeling changes and life changes accordingly. 

That is why the Greatest Teacher Jesus said, “As you believe, so shall it be done unto you.”

A Gift

To The World

Of course, most of the basics of these principles are not mine, nor do I want to take any credit for them. These principles are a mixture (in no particular order of importance) of A Course in Miracles, particularly the teachings of the late yet still inspiring Dr. Kenneth Wappnick. And secondly, the works of the inspiring Dr. Ernest Holmes, the Science of Mind. Respectively introduced to the world in the 1970s and 1919s.
Both movements are beautiful and profound spiritual enlighted and have changed the lives of millions of people worldwide regardless of background, religion, gender, or sexual preference.
It gives insight into our true nature as human beings, and it reveals a more profound truth about how life works and who and whát we are.


If You Are Ready, then I'll show you how


All You Need Is Joy

Sorrow and joy are the same sides of the same coin.
But joy throws a much better party!