All You need is


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Let’s face it, daily life is already tough and demanding. So getting a fulfilled and happy life comes with real challenges, right?

You aren’t ‘just’ a person. Anxious, lonely, unloved, unhappy, unfulfilled, unappreciated, or unworthy.

You’re a loving human being.
A brave explorer.
A gifted artist.
And highly intelligent.

You may have heard that to be relevant, meaningful, and joyful you need to be, extremely talented, very spiritual, or be born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

This is BS

Hi I'm Richard

For more than 15 years, I have helped countless people overcome anxieties, addictions, physical issues, and professional challenges with nothing more than that special gift from Heaven….joy.

As your Joy-coach, my purpose and intention are to help clarify, unleash, and restore your intuitive inner joy. So it may direct you too to unfold (more) uniqueness, health, success, and love.

It's all about Joy

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Joy is not just a mere feeling, a fluke of happiness, or an impulse of what-could-be only to slip away like sand through our fingers.

After love and creativity, Joy is the 3rd endowment we received when Life created us. Joy directs our deep-rooted inner human power that makes us desire to express life and self-fulfillment. To make us respond and express love and creativity in complete faith.
Sadly, joy is also a gift we take so much for granted but which is often so absent.

Joy is the Universe's Divine GPS device, directing us to unfolding our soul and happiness. The only thing we have to do is switch it on, follow its lead, and remember to slow down from time to time to smell the roses along the way.



The Pillars For Unleashing Joy Framework is the big-picture process that all of my coaching and content fits within.

The framework includes three fundamental pillars:

Pillar 1:


Bring awareness to your thoughts, ghosts of self-doubt, limiting beliefs, cognitive distortions, and anything else holding you back to connect with your inner joy. This stage sets you up with the (deeper) understanding of joy you need to navigate your life and the world with increased clarity, intention, and meaning.

Pillar 2:


Adopt forms of care that support and nourish your joy, with a focus on things like leisure, work/career, intuitive eating, natural movement, and nature. This stage helps you learn how to listen to your soul’s needs in a sustainable, supportive, and (of course), joyful way.

Pillar 3:


Align your thoughts, feelings, and creativity with your JoyValues, and dissipate fear and discomfort. This stage clarifies why you are unique and so important and how to use this to make your life radiate and impact the world around you in the process.

What does it do,

living in Joy ?



Burn-outs, lethargy, fatigue, anhedonia, etc., are something of the past.

The question is, “what to do with all this energy?”



Recognize feeling timid, unworthy, unwanted, unloved, or somehow incomplete? Those days are over.

We all need to feel needed, that we matter. It is what makes us humans whole, complete. “And, if you can’t be complete, none of us can!”



Wealth has nothing to do with money. Yet it has everything to with you, your soul, your purpose, and that set of talents you have received.

Do you think you don’t have any of that? Think again; it’s what makes you unique!



Nothing in the world is so elusive and searched for as happiness. And it gets even more so if we realize that it’s part of who we are and what we are here for. It is our birthright, anchored in our DNA, and thus something we have every right to enjoy

Remains one simple question: why not stop searching and accept, embrace, and enjoy this?

About You?

You are either suffering or struggling to get through life, and feel or know that-things-have-got-to-change! Just not a quick fix that lasts for only as long as the fix. But you seek personal, fun, enriching experiences that help you stand out, connect with your true self, and feel completely confident with your (own) presence.

Here you will experience all my expertise as your Joy-coach, who studied, embraced, and lives that gift from Heaven, joy. To grow as your true unique self, answer your beautiful, intuitive inner joy, and fully understands your specific desire and need to remember. 

Stop living the life others want you to and start living the life you are always meant to have; loved, free, radiant, and meaningful. 

Are You Ready?

Let's work together and let me show you