“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but it is the parent of all virtues,” Cicero. Then why should people take a look at gratitude when bad luck strikes? No, not to be thankful because of what happens to them. But because maybe gratitude will help to change the outcome in future bad-luck-strikes.

No more, “that happens always to me”, “that happens to me again”, or that niggling belief that bad things always happen in threes.

For anyone who wants to change things for the better, there are many ways to go. Yet the best, and most simple way to accomplish this is gratitude!

In today’s episode, I talk about the practical side of gratitude. Why it is the #1 abundance magnet, and so important. But also what is gratitude, how to do it, and what that might mean for your life. But gratitude does sooooo much more than “just” being the #1 abundance magnet. That is why today’s episode is the first one of a series about gratitude.

Today I’ll talk about:


The 3 Joyful Things

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