We can be of many things uncertain in life, yet we all will agree upon one thing. Children until a certain age are wild and are definitely not afraid to play!

It’s known, and a fact, that when we, as adults, look at children and watch them play, we sense their “wildness” and freedom. They often run around, jump, fall (get up), and climb on everything their eye catches. Their energy is endless. They live like there is no tomorrow. More often than not, watching children play brings a smile to the faces of most of us inevitably. And why shouldn’t it? What happens are two things: the first thing is, it reminds us how beautiful life actually is and how much we would like to experience that feeling again. And the second thing that happens is their joy; it radiates upon us.

Freedom is Joyfulness, and Joyfulness is Freedom. These two cannot be seen separately. What does it mean when someone says,; freedom is Joyfulness or, Joyfulness is freedom? True freedom comes from within, so does Joyfulness. To life one, we need to be the other. Today’s episode is about being and living what we are: joy, freedom, and not afraid to play!

Things you’ll learn today:


Learn more about Freedom and Joyfulness: The Power of Joyfulness by Richard Dirksen

The movie, The Way

The book, The 4 Agreements (Don Miguel Ruiz)

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