Follow Your Joy

Deep down you know there is more, that you are meant for more

Guess what,

You're right!

One-on-one joy coaching is an opportunity for you to dig deep and remove the barriers that stand between you and your inner joy. To discover what makes you unique, what your purpose is, or where your talents lie.

Instead of living a life oft chosen by others, wouldn’t you rather live the one you always meant to have? With the impact, you should have? One-on-one joy coaching is a loving container for you to remember and recover the gift of joy. Get more rooted in your unique self and confident about where you’re heading.

I’ll guide you through my 3 Pillars of Unleashing Joy Framework with personalized coaching to your life and needs. Together, we’ll examine all the barriers that keep you feeling stuck and out of alignment so that you can move past self-doubt, shame, grief, sadness, and sorrow to follow your intuitive path forward based on joy.

As you are learning all that you’re capable and meant for, I’ll be by your side the entire time to provide non-judgmental support, encouragement, and expert knowledge.

where you've been

You have been motivated by logic and linear thinking most of your life.

It has served you well. You have created an identity and built a reputation at the back of it.

You are viewed as competent, trusted, and valued by your peers.

AND you know that you have been hiding parts of who you are out of fear of being judged and ridiculed.

This no longer feels OK.

what's going on for you

The energy is shifting. You are still an excellent person, but this is no longer enough.

You no longer feel connected. You may even think your body has “abandoned” you and doesn’t do what you want it to do.

You are tired of feeling unappreciated, unworthy, and unloved. Tired of holding yourself back from being yourself instead of shining and doing what you’d love to do.

This desire has become more prominent and louder, reminding you of the gifts you have kept hidden for a long time and what a beautiful person you are.

where you are heading

You want to live instead of pleasing others and thrive instead of merely surviving. You want to be true to your values and be true to yourself.

You want to embrace your gifts, be proud of your bigger picture, and let your uniqueness shine.

You feel drawn to explore, identify and develop what joy means to you.

What living in joy simultaneously in alignment with who you really are, looks like for you.

You want your inner-joy to take the lead.

You want to be YOU.

It is All About


The JoyValues

and the JoyValues?

The work I do with my clients and students is based on a powerful remembering and understanding of both the 3rd Endowment joy, and the JoyValues. The endowment joy is Heaven’s Gift, the JoyValues helps to unwrap and take full advantage of this beautiful gift.

There is a simple but powerful understanding of creating experiences that make profound, impactful change.

And it doesn’t require any heavy lifting, willpower, or rigorous daily practice. It is a shift so light and easy that it feels almost effortless.

It’s a concept I share in all my programs that helps you to ‘be much more present’ and gives you a powerful sense of clarity and calm, so you can let go of the barriers that have held you back for years, even decades. And if you are here to seek help to (finally) live that life you have always wanted to live, I can help you. All my programs are personalized to your unique situation.

I teach you how to be less afraid of the experiences in the world, how to move forward in your life with a massive smile on your face. To look beyond the limits of your thinking at that moment and to tap into a much more superb creative potential than you ever realized you had.

The JoyValues

What Options Are There

Option 1

90 Minutes Joy Session - On Demand

( and only pay 4x )

€ 122,50

It’s about who you are and much less about being haunted by who you think you’re supposed to be. The starting point of these 90-Minutes Joy Sessions is the thing that’s holding you back.

During these sessions, you learn to break the cycle of holding back and fear

And instead, you…

  • Use what’s waiting inside you to unleash
  • Learn how to listen (more) to your inner-joy
  • Get tools to consistently turn ‘fear’ into love

The result is that joy becomes the thriving force. Not behind a life others expect you to have, but the one you are meant to have.

Option 2

Discovery & Revealing
of the JoyValues

( 3 x 90 Minutes )

€ 367,50

“That happens to me always, I don’t know why others can do it, and I can’t; if I can do it, anyone can do it, right?”
Sounds familiar?
In just 3 days you will understand why the above has everything to with joy. Or better said: the lack of joy, and why your inner-joy is so essential. Also you get your JoyValues discovered and clarified. And you will learn the game changer triune: Soul, JoyValues and Joy, and how apply this.
The nature and lasting effects of this option are intensive, liberating, and profound. Therefore we need three session to:
  • Remember;

We go beyond our thinking, we go to the Soul. The easiest way to get there is by short, yet profound meditations.

  • Discover;

Getting in touch with your soul and revealing your JoyValues

  • Release;

The impact of the discovery of the JoyValues is unmistakeable huge. We’ll answer the main question: “where to go from now on?”

Don’t you think it’s your time now to rise your uniqueness and shine your sparkle!


Option 3


The Complete Bundle -
5 x 90 Minutes

( 1 x 90 Minutes for free )

€ 490,-

Get clear on dreams and love for yourself, your work, and your family. Letting go of any “rules”  that limit you and aren’t yours. You want to be appreciated, free, loved, and have more impact on people’s lives than ever before? Even when you’re not around.

If this is what you feel you are meant to have, you are in the right place.

With this option, we take a deep dive in-the-real-you, take a close look at your JoyValues, and learn how joy connects everything physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually.

And then we take it even one step further. We’ll leave the burden of the past where it belongs, in the past, and take the happiness into the future.

During these five sessions:

  • Soul Exploration

Get ready for an awakened vision about yourself and why things happened to you the way they did—the good and the bad.

  • Deep Meditations

Clearing up what stands between you and your (inner-)joy.

  • Connect

Welcome to the triune of Soul, JoyValues and Joy.

  • Heading Out

Knowing where you were and having your JoyValues discovered (and revealed) means nothing unless you know how to use them. The final session is all about heading out into the future. How to live in joy? What to do with the awakened and new vision? Where to go with all this energy?

Are you ready to let joy be your life?

Option 4

A 30 Minutes Discovery Call FOR FREE

( and only pay 4x )

€ 0,-

During this discovery call, we’ll spend time learning about your situation and, whether joy is something you want in your life or not, offer you some helpful, practical, and timely suggestions joy fuelled.

The Discovery Calls can be either on Skype or Zoom. Just mention it in the ‘Booking Notes.’


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