Most of the time, when talking about creativity, we think that it has only something to do with a visual expression like drawing, painting, sculpting, dancing, writing, etc. But there is also the auditory or acoustical form of expression like playing the piano, guitar or singing, etc. Nevertheless, most of think, “You have it, or you don’t!” Therefore we decline creativity very easily.

True, we might not be all Rembrandt, Picasso, Mozart, The Beatles, Fred Astair, Steven Spielberg, Michael Jackson, or Roger Federer (yes, he’s an artist too). However, YouTube, Facebook, Soundcloud, and other multimedia platforms have clearly proven that creativity does not stop with a few. Indeed, we are all creative.

Creativity is more, much more. It is one of the few ways that allow us to stand out in the herd, to demonstrate our uniqueness. But more importantly, it is what makes us invaluable. Important beyond imagination!

Things you’ll learn today:


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