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I was highly ambitious, had an overloaded diary, a beautiful family, and a (very!) successful business.

Hi I'm Richard

“I am that what I am, exactly as I’m supposed to be”  is my answer when I get asked, for I am all about joy. Not as a reward or a result of an endeavor. But as the #1 source for my health, well-being, income, and, of course, for my happiness.

Living in sync with our inner joy is often seen as foolish, daunting, and sometimes even frightening, especially in the beginning. But for more than ten years, I’ve helped people overcome personal, physical, or emotional barriers with nothing else than unleashing their inner joy.

Joy is a deep-rooted, inner human power and is not something we need to search for. Like a pair of shoes or our car keys. Joy is what we have and what we are because To Have and To Be are one and the same.

It is called "I Am"

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The moment that led me here...

Many would say I was living the life. And I did. I had it all until I lost everything…

On a morning, I woke up, realizing all too well what had happened. I looked in the mirror staring at myself, when I heard a little voice saying in my head, “Now you know how it felt to be rich and have joy. Are you willing to know how it feels to be wealthy and be joy?”

"What The *%#!"

At first, I thought I had lost my mind or that last night’s hard-partying was taking its toll on me. But that moment on that particular morning would soon turn out to be the beginning of a healthy life full of excitement, meaning, learning, and beautiful experiences. Because on that morning, I started to remember and use that often overlooked ‘little’ gift from Heaven: joy.

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my Joy

So silently, looking suspiciously to my left and right to make sure nobody was watching me. I closed my eyes, and with an unexplainable overwhelming feeling of faith and love, I said to the image in the mirror, “yes,”…

And what a ride it is so far. A real JoyRide! And to be completely honest: it doesn’t feel like I have done much.

I started to read every research and book regarding joy I could get my hands on. Whether they were in English, German, Spanish or Dutch didn’t matter. And I started doing things that I really love doing. Not because of people’s expectations or to be praised. But simply because I love doing it.

And almost instantly, I could already see all kinds of things happing, shifting and changing. Amazing!

Being of service

Now, nearly 25 years later, I dare to call myself an expert on inner joy since that particular morning in front of the mirror.

Also, I am a proud life-long student of A Course In Miracle and the Science Of Mind. Both streams permeate my joy-restoring mission to help people who want to discover and unleash their own joy. Eager to shine their light. And just waiting to share their purpose, talents, and light with the world but believe that freedom and happiness are anyone’s God-given birthright and not a privilege.

And if you didn’t feel that way before half a second ago, then I assure you, you’re in the right place!

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